(1). On the left sidebar, hover over Galleries and click on Directory.

(2). Within the Link & Layout section, select the layout for your galleries by clicking on the template you would like to use. A template number highlighted in green indicates it has been selected. 

(3). In the SEO/ Search Engine Optimization section, create the following for your Gallery Directory.

Title (Title Tag): Your title tag helps users find and identify your gallery. Visitors to your gallery pages will see your title tag in the tab of their browser window and in web search results. The ideal length for a title tag is approximately 65 characters.

Description (Meta description): Your description will be shown to search engines to help identify and classify your gallery pages. Your description is displayed in web search results as the short description under your title tag. It will not be visible on your gallery pages. The ideal length for a description is approximately 150-160 characters.

Keywords: Your keywords describe your gallery pages and help further identify your galleries with search engines. These keywords will not be seen by visitors to your gallery pages. Enter a list of keywords describing your business, brand, and specialities. Be sure to separate keywords with a comma.

(4). Beneath the Keywords section, set the following options by clicking the toggle buttons:

Show Title

Show Event Date

Show Description

When these options are toggled on, the title, event date, and description will appear on your individual galleries and will be visible to visitors.

(5). Click on Save Settings when all your changes have been made.

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