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Use any of our photo release templates to give or receive permission for private or commercial usage.
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10+ Free Photo Release Templates

Lightfolio offers several free photo release templates. Use these templates as a starting point. Modify the text and form fields to your specific needs. Then share with clients for easy online form submissions.

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Questions about photo releases?

A photo release form allows a photographer or client to obtain permission to use a photo for personal or commercial purposes. The document will specify the consideration (if any) and extent to which the image/likeness may be used. The document must include signatures from the effected parties.

If you wish to publish, distribute or sell an image, you must obtain consent from all recognizable individuals, or identifiable properties, in an image.

At a minimum, your photo release should include the following details:
  • Identify the parties that are assigning and receiving permission, with full contact information
  • Legal language that expressly assigns (all/any/limited) rights for publication
  • Specify details of the affected image(s), such as date of photography and location details
  • Define the amount(s) and date(s) of all required payments, if any
  • Signatures for all relevant parties (the photographer and each client)

If the subject of an image is a minor, a signature from the parent or guardian is required.

The forms and contracts made available on this website are a starting point and are offered for demonstration purposes only, and are not legal advice. When considering using any legal document, be sure to consult a practicing attorney to ensure the documents you use include the necessary language and that they comply with all laws in your area.

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