Feature List

Lightfolio is a fully featured software package that provides multiple configuration options and allows for advanced customization.


Protect your work with text or image watermarks. Control placement and opacity.

Visitor Insight

Not only can you track how many visitors you have, but you can also monitor IP address, geolocation, web browser and device type.

Responsive Design

Over 50% of web traffic today is on mobile devices. Our galleries are designed to look great on desktop computer, tablet or phone.


Allow your clients to create and save collections of their favorite images. You can easily view their selections and then export filenames for use in Lightroom.

Online Sales

Configure your galleries so you can sell prints, albums, digital downloads and more. Zero commissions.

Gallery Directories

Create a custom portal so your users can see a list of your publicly shared galleries.

Social Media Sharing

Enable this option to allow gallery visitors to easily share through Facebook, Twitter and email.


Enable downloading for the entire gallery or just for individual images. You set the download file resolution.

Password Protection

Each individual gallery can be set to require a password to view and/or download images.

Cover Themes

Every gallery has a cover page. Choose from 7 templates and customize images, text, font face, alignment and more.

Thumbnail Styles

Further customize your gallery by choosing a thumbnail style. Set the margin between images and select the menu orientation.

Supported File Types

Lightfolio supports jpg, gif, and png. Max file size is 50MB.

Custom Domains

You can use your own domain, www.mycompany.com, to transparently connect to Lightfolio galleries.

Color Schemes

Choose between a light and dark color scheme.

Email Invitations

Create and send customized HTML emails, inviting your clients to view their galleries.


Typography is important. Choose from over 20 font options when customizing your gallery cover.

Bay Photo Lab

Offer professional prints, canvas wraps and more with our lab partner, Bay Photo Lab.


Easily upload and sync your galleries by using our Lightroom plug-in.

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