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Photo proofing software for photographers

Create beautiful online galleries and empower clients with an easy-to-use proofing system.
Client proofing on mobile
Photo proof controls

How does online proofing work?

Upload images
Upload images into a private gallery, created just for your client.
Send invite
Let clients know their gallery is ready by emailing an invitation.
Client selects
Your client(s) collaborate with you by choosing their favorites.
View choices
Get notified and review all of your clients selections + comments.

Clients select images from their gallery. You review what they've selected. Easy client proofing!


Powerful Proofing Options

Lightfolio proofing goes beyond the basics. Give your clients the ability to save and view selections across multiple devices. Give them the option to organize their selections into multiple lists and allow them to invite others to help mark favorites.

Photo proofing collaboration
  • Proof photo thumbnails
  • Photography proofing layout
  • Online photo proofs

Customize Your Gallery

Create a customized proofing experience. Make each gallery yours by choosing from multiple design options, including cover pages, thumbnail sizes and styles, along with many more options.


Easy client communication

Proofing is a collaborative process. You and your clients can send messages all within the app, on an image by image basis.

Proofing collaboration

Every essential feature for easy photo proofing

Not every client is the same. Fine tune each gallery by turning on only the features and options you need.

  • Commenting

    By enabling the commenting feature, clients can apply notes to individual images.

  • Passwords

    Give access to the public or protect your galleries by enabling a password requirement.

  • Watermarks

    Protect your work by applying an optional watermark to some or all of your images.

  • Downloads

    Turn on self service downloads for specific folders or the entire gallery.

  • Mobile Friendly

    Our proofing platform works just as well on your clients mobile device.

  • Sales

    Besides the ability to proof images, you can enable galleries with online sales (prints or downloads).

  • Custom Domain

    If branding is important to you, upgrade to a paid plan and start using your own domain to present your images.

  • Multilingual

    Lightfolio supports a dozen different languages. Present your galleries in the native language of your client base.

  • Analytics

    Quickly identify which images have been viewed, how many times, and which images have comments and have been favorited.

  • Folders

    Organize the images from your shoot and group related images into separate folders.

  • Search

    Give your clients the ability to search for images based on image descriptions and keywords.




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