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Booking mini sessions online is now easier than ever. We have all the tools to get you started. Grow your client base and your revenue today.
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Why shoot Mini Sessions?

Mini sessions should be a part of any growing photography business. One, they're great to offer anytime you have a gap in your calendar. And two, it's an ideal way to bring in new clients (minis are low investment and low risk) and start a relationship for bigger shoots down the road.

  • Families
  • Holidays
  • Boudoir
  • Pets
  • Fun Themes
  • Beach

Make booking mini sessions easy

The thing with mini sessions is that they're a lot of work to book. Endless, back-and-forth emails, calls and texts. But, not if you're using a booking platform built for mini-sessions. You set up your session, share the link and now booking all those spots is on autopilot. It's practically effortless.

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Mobile ready mini session photography

Now that you have your minis on the calendar, it's time to book clients. Set up your custom biolink, share it on all of your social media platforms and now you're ready to book clients. All online, 24x7.

  • Mobile booking for mini sessions
  • Mini session biolink
  • Biolink design for mini sessions

Additional session features

Attach a Contract

Need to make your booking legally binding? Easily add a contract as a requirement for booking. Add contract terms that spell out the details of the shoot, deliverables, contingencies and more.

Collect Payment On/Off-line

How you choose to collect payments for your booking is up to you. Require clients to make a payment online as part of the booking process or let your clients pay you outside of Lightfolio.

Automated Client Reminders

Let Lightfolio be your virtual assistant. We can remind your clients of an upcoming shoot, upcoming payment or a past due payment. You set up the message and the schedule. We automate the delivery.

Add a Questionnaire

Need a little information from each of your clients? Create a customized questionnaire to collect contact information, learn about their preferences, expectations and more. They'll be able to complete the form as part of the booking process.

Works on any device

Booking mini sessions couldn't be easier. Clients can learn about your services, pick a time slot from your available schedule and secure their preferred spot. Clients can book on their phone, tablet or computer.

Gallery Integration

You've used our photography CRM to book your session. After the shoot, use Lightfolio online galleries to deliver your photos. Everything in one platform--it's easier for you and for your clients.

Require Payment for Booking

Booking a session is more than just picking a time slot. You can require clients to either pay in full or make a partial payment to officially reserve their spot. Accept online payments via credit card or PayPal.

Real-time notifications

Every important activity in our booking system results in a notification email sent out to you. Be notified in real-time when book another session or receive an online payment.

Prevent double bookings

Once a client picks a time slot, that session is reserved for them. They'll have 15 minutes to complete the session booking process. After that, the session is open back up to the public.

15+ Mini Session Ideas

There are dozens upon dozens of themes you can use for your next mini session photo shoot. Here are over a dozen ideas to get you started.


Mini session questions?

It's exactly what it sounds like--a normal photo session, but just "smaller". They're usually shorter in length (typically 15-30 minutes) and the offerings, in terms of prints, products, downloads, etc may be less than a normal, full-blown photo session. They also tend to revolve around a theme, such as boudoir, Christmas, fall, spring, etc. It's a great way to bring on new clients or to fill in otherwise slower periods in your calendar.

The easiest way is to set up a booking site. There, you can establish the dates and times you will offer your sessions. You can set pricing, packages, contracts terms and collect payment, all online. Once everything is set, use social media to share the link with your clients/followers.

Each mini session you create will have its own unique booking URL that you can share with clients. Or you can share the link to your photo booking app, which will list all your published mini sessions.

Yes, you get access to every feature. The free tier simply limits the number of sessions you can book. Just upgrade when you need to book more sessions.

Yes, if you or your client need to make a change, it is easy to assign your client to a different start time.

You can use Lightfolio mini sessions to book spots in your class or workshop. Setting up your event is as simple as enabling a single setting.

You do not. You can use our customizable photo booking platform to handle every aspect of online booking.

Yes. You can use our booking session to book minis, but you can also use our online photo galleries to share, sell and deliver images with your clients.

Absolutley. There is no contract, and you can upgrade or downgrade at any time. All subscription changes are self-service within the app--no need to email support.

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