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Lightfolio photography contracts for professional photographers

10 Starter Contract Templates

If you don't have your own photography contracts, no problem. We have several ready made photography contract templates that you can use as a starting point. Simply edit the pertinent details and then send it off for your clients to complete, all online.

How it works

Cover Pages

Wow clients with a cover page using your own images

Let's face it, contracts are boring, but they don't have to be. Now your contracts can be as personalized as your photo galleries. Elevate your brand and increase client conversion rates by adding custom cover pages to any document. Your photography contracts have never looked better

Online Payments

Attach an invoice and collect payments online

Getting your clients to sign and agree to terms is only half the battle. Easily attach an invoice and collect payments online to confirm their booking.

Legally Binding

Confidently use online, legally binding documents

The use of online contracts and e-signatures is now quite commonplace. Lightfolio Documents fully adheres to national and international standards as outlined in laws such as the ESIGN and UETA Acts.


Questions about photography contracts?

A photography contract is a legally binding agreement between a photographer and their client(s). It defines the rights and obligations of the parties, to include payments, deliverables, schedules, etc. A good contract will also cover copyright, usage rights, limits of liability and more.

Absolutley. A contract is necessary to protect your rights and minimize your risks when entering into an agreement with your client(s).

At a minimum, your contract should include the following details:
  • Identify the relevant parties with full contact information
  • Cost of services, payment schedule and terms of any deposit (is it refundable)
  • Schedule identifying locations and start and end times
  • Spell out the deliverables — what the client should expect to receive
  • Delivery schedule that informs the client when they should expect to receive any finished goods or downloads
  • Intellectual property rights, such as copyright, client usage rights and model releases
  • Cancellation policy
  • Signatures for all relevant parties (the photographer and each client)

A legally valid contract should include terms that specify what services and goods are being offered in exchange for specific consideration/compensation. The contract must document the acceptance of this offer.

Lightfolio has over a dozen free contract templates covering wedding photography, second shooters, print releases and more.

Simply select your template, identify your clients, customize the terms and then send it out for signing. It's convenient and all done easily online.

With Lightfolio, after you have completed drafting your contract, the document is sent to your client(s) by email where they can view your contract and legally sign online.

Once the contract is signed by all parties, a PDF is created that you and your clients can save for your permanent record.

Additional Features

  • Mobile friendly
  • Building blocks
  • Audit trail
  • Client data
  • Unlimited signers
  • Templates
  • More

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