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Build your website in minutes. Get started with a template. Add custom pages + blocks. Publish and share with the world.
  • Dark themed website
  • Modern layout options
  • Promote your brand through a custom website
  • Showcase your photography
  • Customize your site through typography

Easy-to-use Site Builder

No Wordpress server setups, no programming. All you need is your sense of design. Use our pre-existing building blocks and choose from multiple customization options.

Buidling a beautiful, custom website is effortless.


Multiple Templates

Our templates will have you out of the gate and up and running in no time.


Customization Options

Use our templates to quickly build your website and then use our wide array of options to make the website truly yours. Select custom fonts, colors, layouts, content blocks and more.

Personalize your site with your choice of fonts, color palettes and more

CRM & Client Gallery Integration

You've built your website to market your business and solicit new leads. Make it easier to book more leads by integrating with Lightfolio Studio Manager — a CRM built for photographers.

Have galleries you want to share with your clients? You can also sync your website with your Lightfolio Client Galleries



Keep your content fresh. Give clients and prospective clients more insight into your brand, into your services and keep them updated by showing off your latest work.

Keep your clients up to date by adding a blog


Use our SEO tools to optimize your site for search engines. Customize titles, descriptions, images and more to increase your visibility with Google and other major search engines.


Set Up Shop

It's simple. Make it easy for clients to book your services. A full-featured, user-friendly booking site makes it harder for prospective clients to leave your website without booking a session.

Coming soon.

Add ecommerce to your website
Getting Started

Create a website in 5 easy steps

Pick a template. Getting started is easy, just choose from any of our ready made templates designed specifically for photographers.
Add and customize content. Add pages, images and text and then personalize your site by choosing from many design options.
Enable additional features. Go beyond a basic site by adding your own blog, a store and by syncing with Lightfolio client galleries.
Connect your domain. Use your existing domain, or use a free custom domain with Lightfolio.
Publish. Grow your online presense and share your site with future clients and with the world!

Every essential feature for your website

Your Lightfolio website comes with these additional features:

  • Custom Domains

    You can use your own domain,, to transparently connect to Lightfolio websites.

  • Analytics

    Not only can you track how many visitors you have, but you can also monitor IP address, geolocation, web browser and device type.

  • Responsive Design

    Over 50% of web traffic today is on mobile devices. Our websites are designed to look great on desktop computer, tablet or phone.

  • SSL Encryption

    Every Lightfolio website gets its own SSL certificate. Your site is safe and secure.

  • 99+ Fonts

    Customize your site by choosing from dozens of fonts.

  • Instagram Integration

    Share your social media posts on your website by connecting to your Instagram account.

  • CDN

    Speedy performance for your global audience. We use a content delivery network to ensure your content loads fast, from anywhere.


Questions about our website builder?

Lightfolio websites allow you to design and publish websites with little effort. Simply start out with one of our templates built exclusively for photographers, and then fine tune your site with our easy to use website builder.

No. Our sites are hosted in the cloud and do not require Wordpress hosting. We take care of all that for you. Using our website builder is a breeze--no Wordpress complexities.

No coding needed. Much of the "building" process is a series of design choices, so there is no technical learning curve. You can figure out our intuitive builder in minutes.

You can use your existing domain or choose to use a free, custom Lightfolio domain. Regardless of which option you choose, all Lightfolio sites are protected with SSL encryption.

Any website you create starts out on the free tier. Only upgrade if you need to access any of our premium features.

Lightfolio websites are built with search engine optimization (SEO) in mind. Having a website that can't be found is of little use. Every page is ready for your custom SEO so you can index and rank on all the important search engines.

Every Lightfolio website implements responsive design and is mobile ready. Your site is designed to look goog on any device (mobile, tablet, laptop or desktop computer).

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