Lab Partner: Bay Photo Lab

We're excited to announce our first photo lab integration with Bay Photo Lab, based out of California.

Bay Photo has been providing the highest quality photographic services to professional photographers for over 40 years. They offer a wide range of products, of which Lightfolio presently offers photographic prints, canvas wraps, metal prints, jewelry and magnets. In addition, various print finishes (lustre, metallic, deep matte, etc.) and mounting options (styrene, gatorfoam, etc.) are also available.

1. Photo Prints

See photo prints from Bay Photo Lab

2. Metal Prints

See all metal print options from Bay Photo Lab

3. Canvas Gallery Wraps

See all canvas options from Bay Photo Lab

4. Thinwrap Magnets

See all thinwrap magnets from Bay Photo Lab

5. Jewelry

See all wearable jewelry from Bay Photo Lab

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