Gallery Directories

What Is It? Your Lightfolio gallery directory allows you to share selected galleries with your clients, prospective clients and the public in general. It's a quick and easy way to put your work in front of the people that matter. Simply share the link to your directory and your shared galleries are now one click away. (FYI: You can still password protect individual galleries)

Added Designs: Up until now there had been a single, default layout. With the latest update, you can now choose to personalize your directory by choosing from four design options. 

SEO: Raise your profile in the eyes of Google and other search engines by customizing your directory title and other meta tags. After selecting your preferred design, complete the optional SEO fields to help your clients find you on the interwebs.

Take a quick look at the designs below and then login to your account to update your directory.

1) Edge to edge perfection. Fill the screen with large, panoramic thumbnails.
2) The mid-grid layout - who doesn't appreciate being the center of attention (or the center of a page)? This is the default option.
3) A little space up top, highlighting the name of your studio, followed by square thumbnails.
4) Last but not least - floating galleries for the win.

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