An Unexpected Passion Turned Career: Carley Ternov

Carley Ternovoy of Chasing Dream Photography didn’t know that she wanted to be a photographer until after her own wedding.

“I fell in love with the way the photos made me feel which sparked my interest,” Ternovoy said. “When I got a camera and held it for the first time I just knew, the rest is history.”

Now, based in Canada, Ternovoy photographs her own couples and creates intimate and raw portraits that immediately evoke an emotional response.

Ever since she held a camera for the first time, Ternovoy went all-in, which is something that she advises everyone to do if they want to grow or start their own photography business.

“The amount of hard work you’re willing to put in is what you will get out,” Ternovoy said.

Ternovoy practiced endlessly and opened herself to learning from books, videos, Instagram, workshops, and even mentorship programs. When she first started, fellow photographer Sharon Litchfield became Ternovoy’s mentor, which she credits as being the single most important thing to her career.

“Find a person in your community that is genuine and wants you to succeed, its life changing,” Ternovoy said. “You also need to believe in yourself, don’t let validation come from anyone other then your clients and yourself.”

Through this constant readiness to learn and try new things, Ternovoy has built a successful and unique photography business. The most important aspect for Ternovoy are her clients. Her foremost focus when going into any photoshoot is to make sure that she builds trust and connection with her clients. In order to truly document their story, Ternovoy believes that they all have to be comfortable with each other in order to capture genuine connections and memoires.

On her website, Ternovoy addresses her clients and future clients by saying, “Be true to who you are. I will make sure you feel comfortable enough that you won't even think about having your photos taken.”

Ternovoy has a long list of go-to camera gear which allows her to be able to switch lenses and literally widen the projects she’s able shoot. She’s currently shooting with two Canon bodies and Canon prime lenses including: two Canon 5d Markiii; Canon 35mm 1.4; Canon 50mm 1.2; and her favorite, her Canon 85mm 1.2.

In the near future, Ternovoy is hosting a styled shoot workshop for photographers with help from Fabloomosity. If you’re interested in more information on this shoot, you can find more info here.

She will also be traveling to many different countries in 2019 including: Mexico, United States, Iceland, and Germany.

When she’s not photographing, Ternovoy is probably either traveling (she’s currently been to 42 countries), hanging out with her family outdoors, or doing yoga.

You can find Ternovoy online on her Instagram and website

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