How to Follow your Passion and Avoid Burnout: A Conversation with Sydney Halcumb

I feel like I’ve been following Sydney Halcumb of Rose Gold Studios on Instagram for forever, and there’s a reason for that. I’m constantly enamored with Halcumb’s ability to tell whimsical stories through color and interaction.

Halcumb, is a 32-year-old fashion photographer hailing from Little Rock, Arkansas. She specializes in fashion photography and creative portraiture.

In her free-time, Halcumb loves to shop, read good sci-fi, play music, and watch Marvel and Jane Austen movies. These passions shine through in her photography as well--her photographs hold a cinematic and over-worldly quality that is intoxicating.

Halcumb’s inspiration usually stems from one aspect of whatever shoot she’s working on, whether that be: an outfit, makeup look location, etc.

“I start with one of those, and plan the other elements around it,” Halcumb said.

One of Halcumb’s favorite shoots she’s ever done is an editorial she did for Northwest Arkansas Fashion Week. Not only was this an amazing experience working with a large number of people, but “ seeing my photos all over the lanyards and programs for the fashion show was a super surreal moment,” Halcumb said.

One thing that Halcumb credits her success with is being able to improve her skills.

“Never shame and doubt yourself, but learn to recognize your weaknesses,” Halcumb said. She encouraged young photographers to make a list of skills that they need to improve on and conquer them one at a time.

“Another extremely important thing to remember is to stick to the kind of photography that you enjoy,” Halcumb said. “It's nice to book the kind of shoots that pay big money or get a lot of likes on social media, but nothing causes burnout quicker than the absence of passion.” In the near future, Halcumb has a number of exciting projects including planning photoshoots at a zoo or wildlife sanctuary.

“I'm constantly planning, constantly in communication with multiple people, always trying to make new connections, and just working to get to that next level,” Halcumb said.

You can catch up with Halcumb on her Instagram at @rosegoldstudios or her newly updated website.

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