Maria Rafael: Telling Old Stories In New Ways

Not only is photographer Maria Rafael, a stay-at-home mom, but she is also a craftsman of many art forms including jewelry, paintings, and weavings. On top of all of that, she has a masters in Mathematics and Policy Analysis.

Needless-to-say, Rafael is an inspiration in so many different fields and they all converge together to make her photography unique, bold, and unforgettable.

Her love for photography began at a young age because both of her parents were photographers.

“We were always taking photos on trips and at family gatherings,” Rafael said.

Her true passion in photography lies in documenting moments and showcasing those moments through photojournalism and fine art photography.

“In another life I would be traveling the world documenting stories,” Rafael said. I would argue that that doesn’t need to happen in another life, because it’s clear that that is what Rafael is doing right now.

In order to be get inspired, Rafael loves going on adventures with her family.

“I get jumpy if we stay in one place for too long,” Rafael admitted. “I love even day trips to somewhere new to break up the monotony. When I get stuck in a rut creatively, I beg my kids and husband to jump in the car and head out for an adventure.”

Another thing that inspires Rafael (which is clear on her Instagram feed) are words and quotes. She is in awe of how words can communicate complex ideas in simple ways and loves their longevity.

“It reminds me that people are, at core, the same, that even though we are drawn to thinking that everything is new and unique and unlike anything that came before - we are, in fact, quite predictable. We are just telling old stories in new ways,” Rafael said.

Rafael tells stories in her own way that is equally timeless. She loves using moments and places to inspire her work and loves shooting in natural light. The camera she always has by her side is the Canon 5D Mark iv and Sigma 35mm.

Rafael has a lot of fun and spontaneous projects on the horizon. She has a million ideas of places, people, and concepts that she wants to shoot. She is planning to travel to a lot places this summer and hopes to come up with concepts inspired by this.

You can find Rafael hanging out at the Blue Butterfly coffee shop in California or online on her Instagram, Facebook, or website (that’s currently under construction). 

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