Makenzie Kriss

"The thing I love most about photography is how it stops life in its tracks, and it's the only thing people can go back and reminisce, (remembering) how beautiful their life is. There is something unique and amazing with each of our lives and I want to help capture that for you."

Q. Any specific photo shoots stick out in your mind as being exceptionally fun?

A. "90% of my business is weddings, but I do love mixing it up once in a while with family sessions. My home is something I take pride in and it is somewhere my husband and I bond over decorating and doing house projects together, so I would say a specific type of shoot that comes to mind immediately would be in-home sessions! Couples are in their element, relaxed, raw and most importantly surrounded by small details that they chose together. Everything surrounding them represents them and I think that is so special to photograph."

Q. What do you love about shooting with natural light? Any source of inspiration?

A. "I'm personally drawn to natural light photography. I've always had an eye for it even before I started my business. The looks of natural light photography have always been my inspiration and caught my eye from day one. With that being said, I would like to grow my knowledge in flash photography (both off camera and on)."

Q. When you have nervous clients how do you help put them at ease?

A. "I'm not afraid to look like a complete fool, so I work really hard to make them comfortable! I make jokes, laugh - from big bear hugs to holding hands and running toward the camera, I try anything to capture their true personalities rather than trying to stage everything to the way I want to see it. This has worked really well for my business."

Q. What is your favorite comfy outfit for a day of shooting?

A. "Black skinnies, a long light-weight cardigan, and my flats. I like wearing my hair in a bun on top of my head as well to keep it out of my face while shooting."

Makenzie Kriss

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