Slava Bowman

Slava Bowman will take on any project that is “interesting, different, or weird.”

Bowman’s unique artistic style, driven by her curiosity and love of experimentation, serves as a means to explore both the outside world and the one within. "I Am..." is her attempt to peel away the artificial costumes she has worn over the years so that she may discover her true self. In this project, Bowman looks for her deepest core beneath the roles she often plays in life—past the personalities she takes on for others, and most importantly, past the façades she herself clings to.

Sometimes the best things in life come out of something gone terribly wrong.

Her photography began as a hobby in 2010 but quickly became her preferred medium of creative expression. She encourages fellow photographers to embrace spontaneity in creative work, and happily admits that many of her best photos came from moments of “having fun and enjoying it all.” Bowman also advises other artists to get past fear of making mistakes; after all, as she put it, “Sometimes the best things in life come out of something gone terribly wrong.”

Bowman is originally from Bulgaria and has been living in the United States for nearly ten years. She approaches life through the same lens as her photography: with a child-like love of exploration, play, and sunshine. When she isn’t channeling her avid curiosity creatively, she seeks new experiences in her passion for travel; she recently spent 9 months in Hawaii, and Portugal is next on her long list of must-see locations.

Slava Bowman’s art is shaped by an incredible passion for her work and by a certain rare fearlessness that pushes her past the bounds of the conventional, into a far more exciting world. Perhaps the best encapsulation of Bowman’s unique creative spark is her favorite quote from Johann Wolfgang von Goethe: “Magic is believing in yourself, if you can do that, you can make anything happen.”

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