Spreading Conceptual Photography Through Collaboration: Houcine Ncib

Houcine Ncib’s photography has a voice that is uniquely its own: muted yet vibrant, strong yet vulnerable, and high-fashion yet every day. It’s no surprise that his work has seemed to bring a new light to conceptual photography in a community that has yet to embrace it in Tunisia.

Starting his career as a freelance photographer just a year ago, Houcine Ncib has made a name for himself in the artistic photography world and has even been featured in Vogue and Iconicarstist.

Like most photographers, Ncib finds inspiration all around him: “There are always funny things that inspire me and push me to create,” Ncib said.

Being from Djerba, Tunisia provides Ncib with a unique variety of locations to shoot. His favorite places to shoot are in nature, and he’s particularly inspired by beaches and flowery hedges.

Ncib gathers inspiration from a variety of different artists and photographers who are all unique in their own right. His current inspiration comes from artists such as: Grace Almera, Bella Kotak, Ronny Garcia, Raluca Arhire, Pratik Naik and Igor Burba.

On top of being a photographer, Ncib is also the Managing Editor for Pulchart Magazine. Pulchart Magazine is the first fashion and fine art online portrait magazine in Tunisia.

“Pulchart Magazine started first with an idea by a close friend called Siraj Sahbi--he is also a fashion photographer,” Ncib said. “When he told me about it, I was so excited to lend a hand, so we quickly shaped a large platform of talented photographers. We wanted to share their art and to gather all the creative family together to make something happen.”

Due to this mission, Pulchart Magazine has grown quickly in popularity and they’re currently working on spreading the magazine around locally as well as globally.

Collaboration and supporting other creatives is something that has driven Ncib throughout his work with Pulchart Magazine and his own photography.

As well as continuing to grow Pulchart Magazine, Ncib hopes to continue to create an interest in fine art and conceptual photography in his community. He wants to further this vision by collaborating with other individuals around his Djerba.

You can find Ncib and view his work on his Instagram, Unsplash, and 500px

Photographer Houcine Ncib

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